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buyingAspensThere’s a reason why so many people strive to move to Durango each year, and it can be summed up in a phrase: quality of life. With our mild weather, beautiful diverse terrain, friendly community and assortment of outdoor activities all right in our back yard. Durango residents enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and a host of other winter sports. All summer long, residents enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, kayaking, golfing, camping and more! Durango averages 300+ brilliant sunny days for every 365. The economy is strong and the entertainment options continue to grow; the question is what should I do today?

Getting Started

First, I recommend that you speak to a lender, to get pre-qualified for financing. Pre-qualification will tell you how much you can afford, what your monthly payments will be, and what your financing options are. This way you’ll have a true understanding of how much you can afford, and what housing choices are in your price range. To assist you with this process, I have a list of excellent local lenders, who will help you find the best financing available. Most sellers and their agents will be more motivated to consider your offer if it is accompanied by a pre-qualification letter from a local lender. After establishing a price range, I will listen to your plans and find out what kind of property you’re looking for, whether it be a house, townhome, vacation home, or a parcel of land to one day build your dream home. You will tell me the vision you have for your new home. We’ll discuss neighborhoods, considering what type of environment you like, amenities, school age children, pets and much more.

Home Search

Once I have better idea of what you are looking for, we’ll explore different areas, including some you may not have thought about before. We’ll look at an array of prices and home styles so that by the end of the day, you’ll know what’s available at your price point, and I will have a good idea of what you are looking for and what your priorities are.

Make an offer

Once we find that perfect property, I will do a comprehensive market analysis to make sure that what you offer for the home is a fair and competitive price. I will show you the recent sales data and market trends so that you fully understand your new investment.

We will put together a contract that outlines the particulars of the transaction, including your offer price, closing date, inclusions and exclusions, and many more important details. Your offer to purchase is normally presented with a 1-2% deposit. This “earnest money” is commonly put into a trust account, and becomes part of your down payment at closing. I will use my extensive experience and negotiation skills to get the best deal for you.

Simplify the transaction

Besides helping you find your dream home, I coordinate and handle the countless little details including:

  • Managing inspections
  • Working with your lender and appraiser to make sure that your loan comes through in time
  • Conferring with the title company about closing details, and the preparation of your settlement statement
  • Making sure you receive a recorded deed and title policy
  • Remaining your primary source of information and assistance, months, even years after your closing

I won’t sell you a property that I don’t believe in. The reason? I want you to choose to do business with me again, and for you to refer me to your friends! I am bound to pursue your best interests, no one else’s. It is my sincere pledge to use my knowledge, education and expertise to advocate for you and get the house or property YOU want!

Contact me to learn more about buying Durango Area Properties.

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