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Realtors Survey on Home Staging

Posted by Kelly Kniffin on November 28, 2017
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Often times, we hear about home staging as a last resort when a house has been on the market for an extended period of time. However, Realtors have varying experiences with home staging. Forty nine percent of buyer’s agents, and a slightly less thirty eight percent of seller’s agents, reported that home staging had an effect on most buyer’s view of a property. 

Home staging helps potential buyers visualize the property for sale as their future home.  In staging, agents rank the most important space to set as the (1) living room, (2) master bedroom, and (3) kitchen. Ultimately though, the question is, “Does home staging help a home sell?” Perhaps more pointedly, “Does staging a listing increase the sale price?”  

Approximately one third of buying and selling agents report that staging a home yields a one to five percent increase. Even more impressive, twenty one percent of seller’s agents report an increase in price of six to ten percent. On the contrary, a small portion of buyer’s agents showed concerns that home staging can work against a property if it is against a buyer’s taste or can draw attention to suspect features of a home. Most agents reported that staged properties spend less time on the market; almost one fifth reported that it increases the length of time for a listing to sell though. 

Thirty eight percent of Realtors reported staging every home they represent. Yet, similarly thirty seven percent reported that they don’t recommend staging but rather other home improvements. Seller’s agents advise a variety of home improvements to sell properties. Ultimately, home staging should be discussed depending on each specific property. Most importantly, most Realtors agree that de-cluttering, whole home cleaning, and fixing property faults prior to listing receive the most return in sales prices. 

Contact me with questions concerning your property, and check out the whole National Association of REALTORS survey here. 

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