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It’s Snowdown time in Durango!

Posted by Kelly Kniffin on January 4, 2018
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It’s almost Snowdown time in Durango! There are events all week January 31st – February 4th including the Snowdown Parade of Lights on Main Street. Each year, my family and I meet up with friends and watch the parade. People line Main Street as early as the afternoon to secure their spot!  

Most years they kick off the parade with fireworks at dusk. My kids are grown now, but I remember what a thrill it was when they were in the parade through dance teams or sports clubs. It was a big deal to be part of design and assembly of floats! Watching them work their way from start to finish dancing or on top of a float tossing candy and or beads to the kids lining the streets always made me appreciate Durango.  

Snowdown is a cheerful time for the La Plata community since it was originally formed back in 1979 to cheer up the winter blues. The events located throughout downtown and Purgatory have something for everyone! 

When my kids were young, my mom loved to take my girls to the dog and cat fashion show hosted by McDonalds. Later in evening, my mom and I would watch my sister compete in the Bartending Contest. Snowdown is always a sight to see though no matter the activity. Just wait, one afternoon you will see people walking from bar to bar with a golf club in hand. Yes, there is a putting contest set up in each participating establishment!  

If you are lucky enough to score Snowdown Follies tickets, you can witness some hidden talent and some inside scoop through the roasting of some Durango personalities. The follies are pretty hilarious, but it may seem foreign to outsiders as there are many “inside” jokes to crack.  

Personally, I enjoy watching the awesome Kids Follies performance.  We have some very talented kids in our community. If you are interested, Kids Follies’ tickets are sold at the Durango Arts Center (DAC) get them early, as they always sell out! 

It’s exciting to see our town transform as the storefronts displays reflect the theme, and people watching becomes a full time gig! This town takes costumes pretty darn seriously!  

Recent past themes have been Intergalactic Snowdown, Snowdown 80’s, Steampunk, Safari So Good, Get Your Geek On, Surf’s Up, (Yes, surfboards and bathing suits and Beach Boys music)! Just picture 80’s hair, geek glasses and suspenders, or surf tanks filling Main Street! 

This year, our theme is Black Tie Affair for the 40th Snowdown. It should be a pretty classy week especially considering our typical Durango attire!  

2018 Snowdown might just show the world how Durango, voted “worst dressed” many years ago, can clean up! 

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